Since 1986, JETOC lead by Jim Coté took on projects exclusivly in the residential housing market, specializing in storm drains.  JETOC completed many housing subdivisions in the 80s. 

In the 90s JETOC quickly expanded to water and sewer adding to its portfolio all wet utilities. 

Following the 1994 Northridge earthquake the city of Los Angeles was in need of qualified contractors to help service the overwhelming need with in the city. Public works of LA reached out to reputable local contractors to help rebuild and restore damaged underground utilities with in the city.  JETOC added demolition to its work scope at this time and holds in addition to a General A license , a C21 demo license. 

Through the mid 1990s JETOC added again to its scope of work dry utilities. Power, cable, telephone conduit and gas trenching to its work repertoire. 

At the same time, through more natural disasters, JETOC found itself working with public agencies helping them put damaged infrastructure back into operation. JETOC Construction is currently listed as a emergency contractor with cities such as Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles. 

JETOC now in its third decade, maintains the same goal - to provide a comprehensive approach and a team attitude to each project.

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